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“If Hunter S. Thompson had hit the kitchen instead of Las Vegas, he would have been hard pressed to come up with half of what Daniel Duane delivers. He burns through the Chez Panisse cookbooks, Thomas Keller’s collections, and countless other culinary touchstones on a hilarious, deeply moving, and mouthwatering, truffle-and-duck-confit-fuelled journey from a lonely guy with an empty fridge to a loving father with a well-fed family.” –John Donahue, editor of Man with a Pan: Culinary Adventures of Fathers who Cook for their Families


“Daniel Duane takes us on a journey through the kitchens of our modern day warrior heroes—Alice Waters, Fergus Henderson, and Thomas Keller—on a mission to learn the existential truths of life and how to cook like a zen master. He meets his Obi-Wan Kenobi and struggles to become a jedi knight and he finally learns it is not the recipe but the process of cooking with love and attention to detail and most of all with respect.  My life has been on a parallel journey and anyone who loves the rite of being ‘at table’ will benefit by this all absorbing read.”  –Frank Stitt, Chef at Bottega, Highland Bar and Grill, and Chez Fonfon


"This is a wonderful celebration not just of cooking--but of cooking's power to soothe, focus, redeem and anchor a parent." –Jenny Rosenstrach, author of Dinner: A Love Story

"How to Cook Like a Man is an engrossing tale of discovering the pleasures and satisfaction of cooking for its own sake, from the new necessity of feeding his growing family, to  being led by his curiosity through a cookbook obsession we can all relate to, and a whole new world of the joys of cooking and nurturing. Daniel continues to be an engaging and thoughtful writer.  I loved it." –David Kinch, Chef at Manresa Restaurant, Best Chef Award Winner, Pacific Region, James Beard Foundation 

"In the newly defined game of the contemporary American marriage, the kitchen and the dinner table have become prized territory -- the Boardwalk and Park Place of the 21st century home. Daniel Duane's witty book lays out the man's case for laying claim to these prized properties and shows with humility that they are hard-won indeed." –Paul Greenberg, author of Four Fish